We drive sales by making your brand’s story come to life on the Amazon Marketplace.

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We Know Amazon.

The Marketplace changes everyday. We stay on top of the ever evolving chaos of this e-commerce ecosystem, so that your business continues in the right direction. Anyone can sell your product, we sell your brand. We’re ready, are you?

How Do You See Us Working For You?

We are inherently transparent and we’re not here to sell you bull. Amazon can be harsh and unforgiving territory. We’re here to guide you through it. The Marketplace isn’t one size fits all, so we tailor our strategy to your overall business needs. As Amazon evolves, we have services for every direction.


We pay you, you don’t pay us. When we sell your products, we become the brand’s exclusive authorized third party re-seller for the Amazon Marketplace channel. We buy inventory directly from you and work with your team to meet your pricing and marketing standards. The money that we make from selling your product then goes to providing value added services to optimize your brand’s presence on the Marketplace.


We’ve been navigating the Amazon Marketplace as a seller for years. Now we’re here to help clients like you do the same.
You retain us for our knowledge. We help to define, then refine your Amazon needs so we can guide you towards success. Amazon is beast to tame, so we’ve made our service offerings completely customizable to fit your needs. Our expert team has your back, we become your agency, but more importantly, your ultimate Amazon brand advocate.

What We Do

Brand Management

We work with your team to tell your brand story exactly how your brand exists on other channels. We then optimize it for conversions.

Pricing Monitoring

We monitor and track pricing to ensure all sellers are abiding by your brands' pricing and promotion rules.

Optimize Listing

Full service listing management: Image recommendations, written content, Enhanced and A Plus content creation and more.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon is the fastest growing media channel on the web and often out-performs other direct channels. We get you the most out of Amazon.

Review Management

Daily management of customer reviews is the only way to keep your brands Amazon rating high. Our team monitors and responds.

Seller ID

We investigate, identify, and eradicate un-authorized resellers of your brand to help you take control of your brand back.


The brands we carry
Matthew Miller

Matthew B Miller

CEO, Branded Goods

We specialize in supporting the Amazon ecosystem and our clients within it. Our team deep dives, cleans up, and enhances partner marketplace presence through Amazon Search Engine Optimization of written content, visual content, and user generated content such as product reviews. Through our price monitoring analytics we work with brand partners to enforce MAP and eliminate non-compliant resellers. We align our brand partners best interests with ours and put our money where our mouth is.


Frequent questions and answers

We are a retailer, we buy goods from you, and then retail those goods on Amazon. We rely on the increased sales from our brand enhancement to make our investment back. Therefore, it is crucial to implement an internet policy and enforce it. We cannot have other retailers piggybacking off of our investment into your brand.

We don’t charge our exclusive partners for these services. The perceived cost is the brand implementing and enforcing their internet policies so that the Amazon marketplace stays as clean as possible. If you are interested in our services, but not a partnership with Branded Goods, we are happy to provide that too.

We send a PO to whoever you designate. Our system is built to generate an order when we fall below a 30 day supply so that we never run out of stock on your products. The order generates, we review it, and then email it to you for confirmation.

We ask for no more and no less than you are already accustomed to. If your standard terms for new business accounts is net 30, then we will ask for that. As our partnership grows, we will take the appropriate steps to generate terms that match our business plan together.

Our offices and warehouses are all located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You ship your products to one location and we take it from there- dispersing the goods to designated Amazon fulfillment centers.

This depends on the current status of your brand on the Amazon platform. If we, can order and start selling your products today, then we will order today. If the platform is saturated with rogue sellers who are offering your products at lower prices than we can, we will wait until those sellers are out of stock to place our order.

Once our first order arrives here on warehouse, our Production team is alerted. At that point, we schedule your products to begin the optimization process the following week.

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