We partner with brands to increase their sales and visibility on Amazon

How do we do this?

Amazon Advertising

We run custom advertising campaigns for your brand on Amazon, increasing your sales and positioning your products ahead of your competitors.

Optimize Listing

We do a full listing audit and optimize them to maximize visibility & sales. We help with image recommendations, written content, and A Plus content creation and more.

Brand Management

We work with your team to tell your brand story exactly how your brand exists on other channels. We then optimize it for conversions.

Pricing Monitoring

We monitor and track pricing to ensure all sellers are abiding by your brands' pricing and promotion rules.

Review Management

Our team monitors and responds to customer reviews which is the only way to keep your brands Amazon rating high.

Seller Monitoring

We investigate, identify, and eradicate un-authorized resellers of your brand to help you take control of your brand back.


The brands we carry
Matthew Miller

Matthew Miller

Owner, Branded Goods LLC & Mr. M's Sandwich Shop

"Branded Goods is not just another Amazon seller. We are a team of Amazon e-commerce experts. We can help grow your revenues and profits on Amazon and take your business to the next level regardless what position it's in."


Frequent questions and answers

We ask for no more and no less than you are already accustomed to. If your standard terms for new business accounts is net 30, then we will ask for that. As our partnership grows, we will take the appropriate steps to generate terms that match our business plan together.

Our offices and warehouses are all located in Dania Beach, Florida. You ship your products to one location and we take it from there- dispersing the goods to designated Amazon fulfillment centers.

This depends on the current status of your brand on the Amazon platform. If we, can order and start selling your products today, then we will order today. If the platform is saturated with rogue sellers who are offering your products at lower prices than we can, we will wait until those sellers are out of stock to place our order.

Once our first order arrives here on warehouse, our Production team is alerted. At that point, we schedule your products to begin the optimization process the following week.

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